Thank you

Not so much a question but more of a thank you. I found your program and quit drinking 62 days ago and it has been a miracle. My anxiety has decreased (ironic since the reason I gave for drinking was my anxiety), my IBS has all but disappeared and I am more empowered and inspired than ever before. This weekend we had friends in town and our biggest bonding point is our drinking. So I have been very nervous about how it would feel to not drink. It was a mixed bag. I felt no pressure or desire to drink. I was able to stand there at the tailgate and have a good time and not worry about a hangover or how I was going to get home safely. Fabulous! It was hard because I realized ALL these friends and I have in common is drinking and it is much more fun to hang out with them when I am drunk! HA!

I am a counselor in private practice and my 2-4 glass a day drinking has been my secret shame for YEARS. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your program which addresses the foundation of the problem. I LOVE that every day I wake up and decide ‘do I want to drink tomorrow?’ I love the model that there is nothing WRONG with me because my life is better without alcohol. Recently my husband described my not drinking as a “SOUL decision” that describes it exactly. You don’t have to post this on the page I just wanted you to know you have changed my life. Thank you.