Type of Beer

Hi……this might sound like a silly question but I have been working on your very awesome program for about 6 weeks now. I am doing better than I thought and I believe like so many it is mainly due to sticking with the drink plan. I have cut way back on my drinking since starting. I have not been perfect but it is a relief knowing I am not alone in this. I have not been as devout in writing down my allowed urges and my drink plan in advance at least 24 hours. I know this is not cool and am setting time aside nightly to go over all my materials. The silly question is in regards to the actual drink I am drinking. Since starting I have switched from my nightly couple of beers or wine to 2 Odouls on ice or 2 wine spritzers…mainly soda and white wine. All is cool with this as long as its on my plan. Here is where it gets tricky for me. When I want a real beer (not Odouls) I now drink a Miller 64 on ice. Miller 64 is a very low cal low alcohol beer. 2.4% compared to my usual regular light 5.0 is beer. So is one regular light beer still equal to one ultra super light half cal half alcohol beer (on ice) in regards to sticking with my plan? Icing my drinks has really helped me a lot by the way. Also I occasionally like a heavier craft beer. IF it’s on my plan it’s cool. But what if I decide to skip the craft beer and opt for the ultra low beer on ice is that an allowed urge? I really want the craft but go for the light???? Probably a trivial question but important to me in keeping with my drink plan. What do you think?
Again, I am so thankful to have found this program. IT is truly helping me drink less.