Underlying Fears and Wine vs. Food

Having experimented a lot around pre-planning my wine consumption, I’ve decided that I feel better without wine in my life… even though the Evening Urges sing to me loudly in a familiar song called ‘Hell YES! Go-for-the-fun/go-for-the-buzz!!’.

Not drinking at all is still tough in the short-term but pays off hugely in the longer-term: better sleep, some weight loss, clear head with an easy, energized, optimism; inner peace/inner strength; better skin tone; better workouts; basically, deciding to be Fully Me.

I also have some new awareness, i.e. my thoughts around various deeper Fears:

1- Fear of being unloved by husband & friends if I don’t drink [even though I see that that no one really cares]
2- Fear of rediscovering my natural weight, i.e. fear of being really Powerful when I’m Fully Myself

It’s valuable to spot these thoughts now so I can self-coach to shift them.

Another angle is now feeling guilty about my eating which has changed with my decision not to drink wine. So instead of staying carb-free (which I had been when still drinking EVEN THOUGH I did NOT lose any WEIGHT which was the point!), I’ve decided to add some good carbs to my diet: for instance, a couple of fresh fruits, and the occasional serving of a dinner carb like a small potato or a little pasta. And a square of dark chocolate after a meal. It feels so right for my body, yet I’ve gone through so many food plans that discourage carbs that I’m stressed about it because I want to get back to my natural weight which is 15lbs. lighter. I worry that I’m just trading issues with wine for issues with food. Can you please comment?

Big Thanks.