Who is an alcoholic?

I can’t imagine the criticism you receive from the concept of “controlling our drinking” because we have been taught that anyone with a drinking issue cannot control it. I have attended AA in an attempt to quit and I think the 12 steps have some therapeutic validity but I definitely never agreed that alcohol had control over me. Nothing has control over us and a mindset change is certainly in order.

My question: how to you differentiate between an alcoholic versus someone whom it is possible to control? The “allergy” to alcohol never made much sense to me. There’s a great TED talk on the shift in the recovery world about our bodies being chemically dependent. Lmk if you want me to forward it to you.

Also, “unmanageable” is a relative term and I felt my life was unmanageable and therefore quit drinking about a year ago and have began drinking some now and again (certainly passed 100 urges) but resisted them and not “sat with it” and therefore have overdrank a few times with no intention. SO I am taking your class to retrain the brain as you talk about. I did this with food 10 years ago so I’m sure it’s possible.

Lastly, what’s your ideas on “addictive personalities” and people who have more of a propensity to go overboard in various areas in their lives? I see this with me now with over working.

And I do agree with what you said today-life IS better without alcohol. I couldn’t comprehend that a year ago and I know that’s hard to grasp when you first begin the journey to stop Overdrinking or not drink at all.

Thank you for helping others have self compassion and extending grace towards themselves. I know that was hard for me and there was a part of me that thought I deserved to suffer or be punished.

Here’s to another night present with my family, guilt and alcohol free.