When will I start thinking about alcohol less?

For 21 days I have written out my drink plan. Knowing that I am on holiday (I am a teacher) and I have social events almost every night, I have been very successful with my drink plan (as well as my pours). I have been successful for 21 days.

I have drank WAY less than I normally would. I don’t have that last drink of the night when I get home. I am way more conscious about how much I am drinking.

So …. My question is … you mentioned the constant minds chatter you have when thinking about how many drinks you are going to have at night. I think about it all the time. I use to have mind chatter about how disappointed I was with my self because I drank too much. So this is better mind chatter – but it still takes my mind energy. I am just wondering when I will start thinking about alcohol less.