Should I work on weight or drinking first?

Hi sorry it’s long- not sure if I need to address my weight or drinking- I’m 5 feet tall 162! All time high- blood pressure med, thryroid med- all which can be reversed I’m sure. My weight had progressly gotten worse through the last 5 years- had some issues with my 27 year old son which was draining and life sucking – still is really- I try to set boundaries but use alcohol to numb out in the evening- I was doing triathlons , bike races, all at about 20-25 lbs overweight but I felt OK

I am living in a vicious cycle depressed because of weight leads to numb out wake up depressed and disappointed in myself leads to numb out – rinse repeat!!

I’ve done Annie grace coaching (naked mind) I started with psychologist, I’ve read every book on alcohol and even went to AA meeting – which is not for me. Dad is controlled alcoholic, brother alcoholic not drank in 20 years , mother addicted to food and now has not drank in 3 months. I’ve never been able to stop more than a week! I think I want to stop altogether it has ZERO benefit !it produces my stress nit relieves it. I’m drinking a bottle of wine several days a week. I’m sick bloated and don’t even like picking it out in the store anymore – sick of the taste , smell, everything! I now have anxiety, depression, don’t go out etc – not good! People know me as the adventure exerciser now I’m embarrassed to go out and be seen .

I’ve done Ganeen Roth , Weight watchers 25 plus times I’ve wasted to many years and money on food and alcohol! Need help! Should I work on weight first or alcohol?

I feel like alcohol is what made me this fat and late eating junk in my numbed out who cares state . Please please help- I need to get this figured out and stop wasting my life on it . Thank you so much! I really want to be one of your success stories!!