Once the plan is clear, then the next step is to take action and test.


Now that you have your plan, then you need to take action to make it happen. To make 500 leads, you need to tap into your list and spend lots of time cold prospecting clients or testing ads. It doesn’t matter which approach you take, you just need to commit to one and take action or test like crazy. You’ll deal with lots of rejection but don’t be put off, because this is a good thing in the long run. It’s what keeps most other entrepreneurs out of your market. All success is built on a pile of failures. Keep working and keep failing until you get your 500 leads (or however many you need).

The important thing to remember is that there are many ways to achieve your goals. Don’t get too caught up in analyzing the how. We highly recommend you learn that by taking big actions and producing lots of results. All too often, our students and clients make plans and talk about action, but never actually take any action consistently. This leads them to believe they’re working, but without any results to show for it. When you don’t get results, it doesn’t mean you should quit. Simply keep taking action and vary it up until you do start to see them and can stay on track with your financial plan.