When you are a solopreneur, you are alone. You have a business that is 100% dependent on you. This is great in that nobody can tell you what to do and you don’t have to tell anyone else what to do. The only problem is that you start to get tired and you want your business to grow.

You will get to a point where you have to make a decision if you want to scale beyond you. Some people don’t and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you want to make this decision consciously.

Moving into being an entrepreneur is going to be awful. Most of the clients we work with get to a point where they start to feel rattled and they want to immediately fix things. They think, “I’m going to hire people. I’m going to do all these things.” This is just the beginning.

The reason why it’s awful to transition is because the skills that got you to be so successful as a solopreneur are in fact the exact opposite skills that are going to make you successful as an entrepreneur.

Hunter vs. Farmer

A good metaphor for this is the difference between a hunter and farmer. Solopreneurs are hunters. You go out, find something, kill it, drag it home, eat it, and share it with your friends for cash. As a hunter you don’t really know exactly where you are going to go. It’s just an adventure every single time.

Entrepreneurs are farmers. You plant a seed, wait, dig it up to see if it’s growing, water it, and wait some more until it grows without much involvement. As a farmer you create a repeatable process that you can depend on and know you’re going to have a harvest every single year if you’re patient enough to learn how to make it work. As a farmer you can feed so many more people and create so much more success.

Now, you will want to hire a farmer, but you will find it helpful to first learn how to farm before handing that job over to another to farm for you. You will also want to go back to hunting until you realize that you can’t hunt enough to grow your business.

Managing the Transition

This transition is an identity crisis. You will take everything that makes you amazing as a solopreneur and delete it. You literally have to sacrifice it in order to become the next version of yourself as a CEO of your company.

If you know going in that shifting from a solopreneur to an entrepreneur will be painful, then you will be much better off. Anticipate that it will be painful but totally worth it. We will help you bridge the gap because once you make it to the next level you just get to show up and reap the harvest.

Throughout this course we will show you how to hire and put processes and systems in place so you can know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur with an amazing, mature business. And it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming and not fun. When you learn the skills we teach, your business can grow beyond what you ever thought it could be.