When entrepreneurs start to gain some success and momentum in their companies, we see a lot of self sabotage and what people refer to as the “imposter syndrome”. They question why they are so successful and start apologizing and feeling guilty for being successful. As a result they make weird decisions like giving money away in bonuses, hiring too many people, and buying buildings.

The solution to this is developing a capacity for success. You see, we were never taught how to have money and how to have success. The best way to think about this concept is to think about how much money you want to make in your business and then think about that amount of money in your bank account, and just sitting with it.

Don’t hire anyone new, don’t grow your business, just be with that success. What happens with a lot of people’s brains is they start feeling like an imposter or that they’re going to be found out.

They think, “Someone’s going to find out that I barely understand any of these reports or I barely understand how I got to this place of success.” This is normal. There is nothing wrong if you question your own success, but that’s not where we want you to stay.

You will need to continuously admit to yourself that this is how you’re feeling in order for you to move through it. It’s part of the process and it will never go away because if you keep setting bigger and bigger goals for yourself, you’ll always be stepping into the next version of yourself, which will be an identity crisis that will make you feel like an imposter.

Another thing we see is that entrepreneurs will talk about their business as if their business is happening to them. Your business starts in your brain. You are the creator of your business, whether you know it or not. We want you to take full responsibility for all the great things and all the terrible things happening in your business.

When you take full responsibility for what you’re creating, without any apologies, without any imposter syndrome, without being in a hurry, you will be able to build your business in a way that feels good to you and is very intentional.