How To Use Your Beautiful Mind To Get Rich


In this masterclass, How To Use Your Beautiful Mind To Get Rich, Brooke teaches the process she used to become rich, and create value and a legacy in the world. Learn how to uncover and change your money beliefs, move from wanting to be rich to deciding to be rich, and why using your mind to create more value in the world will make you more determined, motivated and expand the capacity of who you are.

  • Part 1: Why everyone should try to get rich for their own personal growth
  • Part 2: How your creative mind produces money
  • Part 3: Three practices to uncover and change your beliefs around money
  • Part 4: The highest leveraged actions you need to be taking to create money
  • Part 5: How to live (but not spend) from your future
  • Part 6: Scaling through upper limit issues, imposter syndrome, other people’s opinions, and sabotage