At The Life Coach School we teach you how to blow your own mind and create the life of your dreams. Enjoy these wins from fellow Get Coached members also doing this work.

#1. I finally sorted through and organized/threw away a very big pile of papers and notebooks that has sat in the corner of my office for a long time (many CCP students have coached me on this- thank you!!) #2. After I hosted the CCP office hours call last month (and my brain had offered it’s concerned, ‘uh idk how you did girl, I lovingly blew those thoughts a kiss said to myself in the most sincere voice, “I am SO proud of you!” It landed more deeply than if someone else had said it to me. I answered, “Thank you so much!” It was a tender exchange and I thought: THIS is what this work is about.

– Jayne A.

I signed up for the life coach school practicum. I am going to uplevel my life and help other people uplevel theirs soon!! Let’s f-ing go!

– Michelle P.

My win this week is that I made a decision to exercise every day and set some boundaries with my boss on when I would be working

– Marie M.

Love to reframe and focus on wins!
This week I have gotten a callback for an interview process for a role I’m excited about.
I am also noticing my thoughts and working the model, recognizing my growth.
Thanks for the support and continued learning along the way.

– Amy Z.

I’ve had quite a few wins this week. But the biggest occurred when I was writing with a friend and told her about finding my Inner Nun — full regalia and holding a ruler in threat-to-strike position. Once I visualized her, I found a way to circumvent her by mentally pulling a fire alarm whenever she appeared. However, I still was struggling with ways to make work fun (lifelong issue…I’m just not allowed to have fun until I die). My friend, who is a Taoist immediately said, “Well it is time to picture Joy coming to sprinkle fairy dust or something on your Inner Nun — and you.” We laughed, but all of a sudden I realized I need to visualize Joy for myself. So far all I see is fairy dust and a flash of glittery wings…but I invite her to show herself when I sit down to work and that makes me smile (a giant improvement to my approach to work lately). Feels like a major breakthrough.

– Magali S.

I managed to be the mum I wanted to be for my son for the holidays. Not everything was perfect, but I was able to act very consciously, and it was fun. I am super proud of myself! Yeeeey!

– Magali S.

This week I have done some work every day and I started journaling my food!

– Virginia P.

I’m becoming a person who makes decisions ahead of time! In just a few weeks, I’ve: increased my workouts, reduced my sugar and alcohol, decreased buffering, and tackled important small projects that had been sitting on the backburner. It’s starting to feel like a super power! Anything really would be possible if I can keep this up. (And I can!)

– Lisa H.

I uncommitted to the idea that I absolutely MUST have chocolate chips.

– Geraldine C.

WIN: I handled a challenging situation with a person who attacked me emotionally. I came out on top and stayed in integrity and didn’t go to the place he was.

– Sandra H.

My win was becoming aware of how often I think I don’t care what people will think of me, but really I’m quietly resisting the vague fear I’m afraid to feel by not doing whatever I think I’ll be judged about. Now, I identify what I’m really afraid of (my actual thoughts), and I really go to the worst case scenario my brain has offered to me. Just doing that, makes me realize how unrealistic the thoughts often are and the fear dissipates. It’s incredible how, with as much of this work as I’ve done, I keep uncovering layers of thoughts I wasn’t aware I was thinking.

– Valita S.

My wins have been that for the last 3 weeks I have been able to get up out of bed only 15 minutes earlier and then fit in 20 – 30 minutes of exercise (and spend less time faffing getting ready afterwards!). This has been a much needed shift of resisting the urge to stay in bed but needing to get some exercise in for my physical AND mental health. And secondly I went on holiday this week, and I had everything prepared, work done and all organised. It was the first time I have ever gone on holiday without a mad rush at the last moment. I’m 49!

– Miranda R.

My win this week has been to not react in a situation before looking for the lessons in why this might be happening ‘for’ me.
Is it patience, fear, loving myself, etc… it gives me a moment to pause and perhaps react differently.

– Maria S.

My Win this month was making a spreadsheet to see my money goal progress for the year. I was feeling hopeless and frustrated. Once I put in the numbers I learned that I was actually making this work! I am halfway to my monthly income goal for February! Mind Blown!

– Betsy N.

I spent two really cool days with my 15 year old daughter Adelka skiing and snowboarding, we laughed a lot. I helped my colleague from India to get credentials in order to submit an on-line application for her daughter for secondary school, I couldn’t believe how hard they are making it for foreigners, but we managed it together and after that she was even calling me an angel 😉

– Jana D.

My weekly win – I changed my business niche this week and I already got my first paid client into my new 8 week program!

– Loren F.

Losing weight will be the biggest hurdle I’ve ever cleared in my life – I am really excited and looking forward to being the woman that managed to do that!!!

– Amanda G.

My win this week is telling myself “I don’t believe that thought. This is what I believe…” There was an instant change in the way I felt.

– Elizabeth W.

I swallowed my pride and asked for help from a friend. It was hard but I did it.

– Lerin M.

I am 68 yrs old and a fitness instructor for a local gym. My weight lifting class this week (BodyPump) had 6 decades represented. The youngest member was 21 and the oldest was 81 yes old. The moral of the story is that you are never too old or too young to get strong!

– Sue P.

My win of the week is that I did not miss one day without a workout!

– Kirsten R.

On Valentine’s Day I was answering the 4 questions from our February monthly assessment. I’m 55 and single so on Valentine’s I was feeling lonely and sad. When I got to question #3: What do I want to feel now? My answer was hopeful, loved, excited. Question #4. How can I practice these feelings? I went to God’s word. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.“

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

That is how I feel what I want to feel. God’s word tells me what I am and what is mine.

– Dana D.

My win: I faced my fear of doing my website instead of waiting around for someone to rescue me. DO THE HARD THINGS was what I kept reminding myself. Turns out I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. One day later it’s up and I already secured my first client as a result!

– Sepi G.

My win was looking at everything I have created in my life and realising I am actually good at taking care of myself and creating a beautiful life for myself. And this coming one step closer to letting go of my ex and of the unconscious idea that I need someone to take care of myself 🙂

– Anne B.

I made a bunch of quick decisions and backed them up with solid action in areas of finance, the division of my assets, and various tax and other liabilities; I took some rest, showed up for my group, and made incremental progress in the major areas that remained. With some help from a coach, I saw that I was “flapping and twirling“ around the thought, “My siblings should not stonewall me, “ so I stopped stonewalling myself, and what would have been a “trying” week has been really fun with an energizing dash of difficulty!

– Caryn B.

I got laid off this week. My weekly win was realizing I could think of this as unfair or as one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. The choice is up to me and how I choose to think will change everything.

– Bonnie G.

My win for the week is signing up for “Get Coached”. I feel great about committing to my future self.

– David L.

Decided to think loving thoughts instead of the negative self talk that seems so innate.

– Lorin L.

I’ve recommitted to failing my way to success and am ready to do what it takes to figure out who exactly my avatar is and what exactly they want and need so I can serve them to the best of my ability and also bless my own life with a business and income that will allow me to eventually step away from my day job.

– Lindsey N.

My win: I had one person in my office quit (before she got fired) and instead of just replacing her, I hired 3 more. They all start 2/19 and I’m excited because I have all of their paperwork ready and their training schedule. I usually just “wing it” so I’m excited I’ve got a system in place. One more step towards getting out of the day-to-day operations of my business. Woo hoo!

– Shelley H.

My BIG win this month is going forward on buying a sweet house I found despite the possibility of corporate job elimination as I am committed to successfully replacing this income stream this year!

– Deb C.

My wins this week were that I intercepted thoughts several times before they could put me in a bad mood. Instead of feeling frustrated, I felt clear and focused.
I got up 1 hour earlier every morning to work on my business and have already gained a new coaching client.
I only had a glass of wine on two days because I had planned it and wanted to. I love this annual program!
I also enjoy my private coaching every week and always take away many important insights from it.
I work with the thought downloads every day and love it!!

– Claudia H.

I have really opened up to the grief of losing my father, having a child, and owning a business at the same time. I have been shut off to it for many reasons but that’s starting to steal my dreams. I am done with stealing my own dreams. 🙂

– Erika S.

My win: my goal is to be proactive with my personal finances. This week I attended a training on maximizing my corporate benefits and took action on my money without self doubt or procrastination! Small consistent steps!

– Katrina M.

By doing the daily exercises I was able to hone into my thoughts about controlling my environment. I was able to share with my husband vulnerably that when I behave in a certain way it comes from the feeling of being scared. He heard me and ultimately chose to go into action in dealing with a recurring issue, and I experienced myself as aware, powerful and not a nag!

– Ellen D.

I’m on Day 18 of writing my first draft of my book! Showed up tired on some days and generated ‘connected’ emotion by thinking about my reader.

– Roxana K.

I find the Power of Emotion worksheet to be very powerful. Doing it helps me be so much more in touch with myself and willing to do models. I feel I am shedding the pretend me, and stepping into the me who tends to be too much, too loud, and too pushy at times. And that’s OK. Because at the same time I also tend to be warm, fun, exciting, and inspiring.

– Maja B.

My win is that we decided to take two weeks off of work in January and February since the office is predictably slow anyway, and as entrepreneurs if we don’t work we don’t make money. So win win!

– Neil C.

My win: I took the advice from the podcast to meet new people. I did that and hired a business coach to help me with my coaching practice.

– Linda C.

Celebrating being bold and courageous. I was invited to do an interview for a publication..who ME..just over here scaling my coaching business. The me of 5 years ago never ever would have done anything like this. Proud of me sweaty palms and all.

– Debbie M.

My win is sticking to my Spring marathon training schedule. Did my weekly long run of 12 miles despite the cold temperatures (19-22 degrees).

– Denise M.

My win is sticking to my Spring marathon training schedule. Did my weekly long run of 12 miles despite the cold temperatures (19-22 degrees).

– Denise M.

I signed two new clients within 4 hours on Friday and celebrated with a manicure.

– Sharon K.

I bet on myself and bought tickets to a business conference in another city because my intuition told me to! And I came up with a brilliant idea to hit my impossible goal this year.

– Egle M.

The first thoughts I had when I woke up were, “Good morning, Thao. I love you, Thao.”

– Thao P.

I completed a thought download every day in the month of January and so far in February. Love these! My life is changing because of it. So are my thoughts about my life. I couldn’t be more grateful!

– Jacalyn P.

I hit 250k in sales on my website!

– KJ Y.

I reframed my thoughts about my husband after an argument and was able to speak my mind and listen deeply to my husband. As a result we felt understood by each other and found some possible solutions to avoid the same fight in the future.

– Swathi R.

My weekly win is almost too small to mention, as I just read all those mega wins but to me to stay true to myself and follow through on what I said I would do is a biggie for me. So no wine at dinner on Thursday was really what I needed to believe in me to get through the weekend… and well peep if that makes me sound like an alcoholic!

– Kirsten R.

My win is that I wasn’t afraid to express my thoughts- instead of shying away to “not upset” those around me!

– Brooke H.

I have to share this win of the week: TALK TO YOUR FUTURE SELF! A few weeks ago I found out I needed to travel unexpectedly to help my Dad who has Parkinson’s… I asked my future self if I wanted to be on schedule coaching while I was there… she said “No, please don’t put me on schedule when you don’t know what’s happening yet, you can always change your mind with more information, thank you.” I was VERY anxious about it in that present moment but I said “Ok girl, I’m anxious about this and that’s OK… I’m willing to feel this FOR YOU, girl I got you, I’m going to hook you up.” Fast forward: now I’m here in CA and I am THANKING HER so much for hooking me up. She did me a solid. It’s very stressful here AND I fell yesterday and hurt my neck (I’ll be fine) and I’m so glad I gave myself this space in my schedule even though it made me anxious. Have this relationship future you and THANK him/her/them when they do the hard thing to have your back. xoxoxoxoxo

– Sarah B.

Here’s my win for the week:
I launched my course and made £26k. And, especially, I kept showing up throughout the launch even when the numbers felt frustrating…

– Anne B.

I have been able to be patient with myself as I begin making important changes in my life that I know are going to serve me. I have been letting go daily of the perfectionist fantasy and embracing the self trust and willingness to let it be a journey of one step at a time. Trusting my now has been everything.

– Robin K.

My win this week is showing up for myself and my family whilst we move thru grief, using the tools I have learned at the school. This work is life changing.

– Narella F.

My win was enjoying Sunday as a family instead of working, thus taking one step closer to curing myself of a hustle mentality.

– Rebecca B.

My win is working on my secret pain facing something that has always been there, accepting who I am so I can be who I am, and become the person I want to be without letting it stop me.

– Glenn B.

My weekly win is completing my first week of Monday hour one and feeling the freedom of a well planned schedule!

– Bonnie G.

My win is that I’ve stayed consistent with my health journey by choosing not to use goals against myself. I’m down 6 pounds!

– Shelley M.

Over the past five years, I have been writing the Unravel Notebook—a collection of transformative writing prompts. The Unravel Notebook is what took me from a “Kind Girl” trapped in an emotionally destructive marriage to an empowered woman, now successful and happily remarried. My win is The Unravel Notebook is now available on Amazon as of this week! Woohoo!

– Tara W.

Broke out of my “selling” slump of 3 months. Have 2 new clients!

– Robin W.

Celebrating that I did my first live zoom call..and 1 person showed up.❤️

– Debbie M.

My win this week is writing my book everyday for an hour and processing all the emotions as part of the process!

– Roxana

Celebrating losing 12 lbs since January and earning over $60,000!

– Kim G.

I completed my website’s SEO setup.

– Lyn C.

I signed up and showed up for The Life Coach School’s Tools Certification and then I worked with friends to create models based on their situations. 20 models done and done. I’m so happy.

– Michelle P.

Joining Self Coaching Scholars has given me some great tools and new perspectives on blasting through my limiting beliefs around confidence in my coaching endeavors!!

– Kelly P.

Here’s my wins for the last few weeks:

– Launched a new global intranet page for HR in my job
– Created content on Generative AI for global HR town hall in my job
– Got an outstanding review for last year in my job
– Reached out to 5 conference organizers to partner on their events
– Spent a week on vacation and used the time to recharge

– Johnny K.

I have been consistent in my workouts and I feel great!

– Leah D.

My win is that I kept my head on straight and didn’t escalate things when my husband verbally belittled me. My thought was, “I will observe myself handling his words with confidence and not using his words against myself.

– Rachel B.

Working on iterating Monday Hour One for myself. Finally realized how it generates more flexibility by ensuring you get done what you need to get done when you say you’re gonna do it. Last week I had a medical issue come up that scrapped half my work week and it was fiiiiiine.

– Kelcey F.

I was able to use the model to help myself and a member of my leadership team create new thoughts and emotion to better deal with a challenging team member. I also did not drink alcohol all week.

– Melissa B.

Thanks to a thought download, I realized I had a desire I wasn’t acknowledging because of the judgment I had on it. By refusing it I was feeling a lot of frustration. I have decided to deliberately accept this thought and to share it with my husband. The frustration dissolved and I feel liberated and empowered.

– Virginia P.

Our daughter got married on Sunday. We had a beautiful intimate gathering with great weather for the outside ceremony with a wonderful dinner together. Our son and his beautiful wife had our first grandchild on Thursday. I kept my cool while dealing with the mess caused by losing my phone (probably at the wedding) and locking myself out of my iCloud account by changing the password since my phone was lost. I learned the importance of having a “trusted Apple device ON my account.” I’m walking better than I have in the last 10 years or so. It’s amazing how PT and exercise add up.

– Laura D.

My win is implementing Monday Hour One. The difference is amazing as I feel much less stressed and overwhelmed.

– Fiona F.

My win was allowing all the feelings of embarrassment and loving myself through it.

– Lorin L.

My WIN this week was sending out an email to my list and it was so GOOD!! Great feedback from it and ready to ROCK my goals for the month.

– Julie L.

I listened to Brooke say, “In order to lose weight for good, you need to make changes you can maintain forever.” In other words, temporary changes will give you temporary results. So I decided to commit to leaving 1 bite on my plate every meal. So far, I have lost 1.5 pounds this month.

– Sue P.

My win. Catching a thought error before it had a chance to send me into an emotional downward spiral. I also didn’t beat myself up for having the thought. It was kinda like seeing a pothole in my “thought road” and avoiding it.

– Alan S.

My win this week was I cleaned off my night stand including the shelves under it and now I am organizing it!! I’ll be keeping only the things that I need Right away there!! Loving it!!!

– Lisa S.

This was the first week of the new University semester with a full-time load at two schools. At the same time, I handled with grace my twins getting COVID-19 and my soon-to-be ex-husband ranting. On top of it, I beautifully organized my taxes and submitted them to my accountant on Saturday.

– Maja B.

In my work performance appraisal I got the highest rating in all my team.

– Valeria S

My win this week is that one of my YouTube videos hit 100,000 views!

– Alyssa W

My win this week is learning how to ask for help. I’m the newly appointed Board president for my local community group, and there is A LOT that I have to come up to speed on, including the status of many ongoing projects and just the overall process of how to run a Board. Instead of shutting down and procrastinating when I’m feeling inferior for not knowing how to do something, I’ve been actively reaching out to neighborhood leaders for guidance and clarification as needed.

– Ellen D

I listened to resources in the vault on overeating and lost 10 pounds in January. No biggie 🙂

– Paulina V

My win last week: Instead of prolonged arguing with my husband I created a boundary instead and so far it’s improved our relationship.

– Carrie B

My win: I went for a 1.5hr walk in the woods both yesterday and today

– Audrey G

Thanks to Brooke, I have been able to lose 11 pounds in one month! I have been trying to lose it for 3 years with no success. Just by changing my thoughts and listening to Brooke talk about weight loss has completely changed my life!

– Delaney A

My win was helping my Dad move and still remain on my protocol and lost 2 pounds.

– Jackie W

Celebrating Alcohol Free since January 1!!

– Louise D

My little win is that I actually paused to consider the possibility of wrapping up the day at the time of day I say I want.

– Heidi A

My way of thinking about my grief yoga teacher training changed this week. I am dedicated to becoming a great grief yoga teacher.

– Karen S

My win was getting pictures taken from a professional photographer for my website. It’s a huge step for me considering I’ve never liked how I look in pictures, I was able to overcome the mind drama and get it done!

– Kim C

My win is finally realizing I can’t control my employees and I am truly the C in their model.

– Mary Jo M

I mapped out a schedule with my coach this week to finish an essay I wanted to submit to a publisher. It took me a bit longer than I thought, but I finished and sent it Friday. This morning there was an email saying she’s interested in the essay with some suggested changes. I sat on that essay for almost a year. For me, this is a BIG HUGE WIN!!

– Dani W

My win for January 2024 was exceeding last January sales by $10,000!

– Tracey C

My big win is that I was part of the latest Ship 30 for 30 program and I successfully completed it by posting on Twitter/X and LinkedIn each day for the last 30 days.

– Roberta B

I got asked to act in a comedy video and had a ton of fun doing it! The DP said he’d love to keep making videos with me. I also took steps to get my art studio set up so I can start creating in it! I did 2 live comedy shows and had a lot of fun trying new material on stage and improvising with the audience — two things I am working on doing more of.

– Elizabeth Z

Hi! My win for the week was I started A personal challenge called the Taji 100 , which is a commitment to run/walk/bike a total of 100 miles in the month of February to raise money for military organizations. I’m 12.8 miles in !

– Michelle W

My weekly dose in is that I maintained weight and gained muscle on vacation!! I feel so empowered because I am working on myself and doing the work.

– Michelle P

My Wins for January: Completed the “Why you must Coach Yourself to Grow” workbook; Completed all but 2 very small projects.

– Sharon O

This month my coach helped me raise the consciousness of my thoughts around a life-long habit of biting my nails. I think just saying it out loud helped me commit and focus so that unconscious patterns are no longer running the show. Today all of my nails are grown out, and I am proud of my accomplishment.

– Carma C

My win was managing by mind around starting a new computer system at work. Here are some of my thoughts:

Everything feels hard until you know how to do it.
I am willing and able to learn new things.
This is just a busy chapter.

– Shannan C

My win this past month is I do not have to take it all on. I get to decide what parts work for me and take it one step at a time.

– Robin C

My win this past week was finding strength within myself despite unfavorable news for my medical business (delayed payments by insurance company). I’m a start up, cash is low and yet I found strength to have faith in my ability to turn things around.

– Martina Z

This week, I went to the gym three times!

– Cheryl G

Hi Brooke This week I started narrowing down my target audience answering Who, What and Why Three small words we learned in grade school and that you helped me to bring into my new coaching business. I’m ever grateful and I feel like I can go a little further because of you my friend. Thank You and all the best to everyone in there personal endeavours

– Tamara W

My win for the weekend…

I sat with my urge to contact my ex boyfriend for 3 days!
3 days of tears and uncomfortable feelings but I was able to not give in!!
I did not contact him and I am healing my past self!
Thank you Brook for this work!

– Cindy S

My win was successfully completing coach certification just before a planned 2 week vacation. I set my sites on the goal of getting it completed prior to my departure on the trip. Oh, what a good feeling!

– Linda C

A bit win for me in the past month has been to set up an Instagram account for my life coaching business and posting nine times! An especially big win for someone who does not normally do much with social media.

– Kimi K

A big win for me this week was realizing that I get to choose how I respond to my thoughts and emotions. I do not have to be on auto pilot. I have the power to respond and change my life for the better.

– Kimberly C

My win this week is signing up and doing my first private coaching call for the year. I always feel like I don’t have anything to coach on or I already know what they’re going to say. But getting a fresh perspective from an awesome coach was so helpful. Now I’m fired up to get moving on my business!

– Colleen G

The amazing Sarah Bond coached me around my thoughts about scheduling my week and I did it! My week is scheduled with the awesome steps that are going to move my business forward, move my body, and have a girls night with friends (with an actual plan of cleaning my house before they are here in a way that doesn’t feel stressful). I can’t wait to sit down tomorrow and know exactly what I need to do!

– Missy H

The last couple of months my life has presented me with opportunities to explore some old & buried, emotion that had kept me from moving forward with a family member and friend. This is not my norm, so I’ve been slowly digging deep and processing the emotions that had worn me down. I finally realized I had this story I had been telling myself about who I was, the purpose I could have in the work I do, and what I could achieve. I’m so grateful I took the time to re-write that story & live my life on my own terms.

– Delice F

I set a goal to make $30K in January and earned $33,500!!

– Jamie B

My win this week was recommitting time to work on my book even when it felt hard now that I have clarity on what I want it to include and not include and finally moving the content around in a new outline I made and making progress on my rewrite so I can finish this project this year as my one thing!

– Lindsey H

This month I let myself do nothing and sit in the backyard with the sun shining and drink espresso and just enjoy being alive.

– Valerie S

My win is that I have started meditating every morning since January 1st and I am so amazed at how much it has changed the tone and entire flow of my day for the better!

– Maria S

My win this week is that through self coaching and self compassion I was able to re-acclimate into my American life after a life transforming trip to Kenya (this was my 9th trip!)

This was such a loving transition. In the past I would have had a lot of drama trying to bridge two seemingly different worlds.

– Angela M

I already had 3 big wins last week, I managed to get a loan which I will use for enlarging my coaching skills, first of all I used it to join Coach Tools Certification program and second of all to hired a coach to help me launch a coaching business, so looking forward for both 🙂

– Jana D

Win: I’ve been to yoga 3x this week

– Anna S

An awesome week for me this past one. On Friday my co- new business owner and I met with small business bank team at a very friendly neighborhood style bank to set up our business checking account. One of those solidifying moments that we are moving forward and its going to be incredibly successful.

– Kim L

My win was inviting 2 women to walk or run with me over the weekend. My training plan called for 9 miles. Our conversations were insightful and rejuvenating!

– Denise M

My win this week is I have made a big decision about my career that will finally get me out of limbo which I have been in for the last year. I am living into it already even though I don’t have the job… yet.

– Meredith W

My little win this week is that I have stuck to no sugar and no flour/bread for one week. This is the end of my first week and I already feel my clothes getting looser and I am down 3 lbs in one week. The beginning was hard as I did not feel great. I listened to all of Brooke’s Overweight video’s in the study vault. I had courage, stayed committed (a first for me) normally I give up or get emotional and eat – I am understanding my emotions and paying attention to the way I feel, and now I have more confidence! Yay, and thank you Brooke!Emoji

– Lisa-Maree C

One important win I had last week was completing some tasks that I absolutely wanted to have completed, but did not want to do in the moment. I stuck to my plan and increased my self-accountability.

– Win C

Many times I wanted to download a game to play on my phone, but I breathed through it and did not. I am starting to win the war on buffering my life away (instead learning to become an expert on selling stock options to make my $10m).

– Jennifer J

I joined a new in person business networking group to promote me Life Coach Business, even though I’m not yet certified by The Life Coach School.

– MaryAnn L

Two things happened this week.
I got accepted in a fellowship I applied for, which is the first step towards the specialty I want.
I picked up a new hobby, I started to ski for the first time in my life. I loved it so much, I just bought the proper gear and I’ll continue to improve and work on my skills.

– Asmaa R

My win this month was better understanding the thought distortion that has been generating so much shame in my life. This has been a process for me that has begun with the commitment to stop buffering and feel my feelings. Going through a thought download with my coach allowed me to see the thought distortions and accronym for SHAME : “Should Have Already Mastered Everything”. This is actually incongruous with my genuine love of learning and not thoughts that I want to choose to think anymore.

I have already lost 5 pounds in my first month by stopping buffering. I noticed some slippage with the beginning of a new month, this time I have been eating sadness and self pity. I’m recommitting to stop buffering for February and excited about everything I am learning about myself in this process. I don’t want to be so mean to myself anymore. Instead I want to consciously give myself credit and understand what my true motivations are (most often just a little encouragement, attention and a desire for TLC). I’m pretty badass. I did the thought downloads and models every single day in January.

– Bonnie G

– I have managed to go to the gym regularly 5 times a week and I am starting not only seeing results but even enjoying it !
– I have entirely decluttered the kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all clothing and linen, the hallway, utility room and my entire office. Big time! It’s so liberating!
– Clarity: I freelance, I am switching activity and have started building my new offer.
– coaching: I have managed to follow the work book and coaching sessions for January and although I don’t dare yet raising my hand in group coaching, I have found that somehow my issue was always addressed by someone else so I got my answers!

– Magali B

Small win is finally putting out a webinar link to share what I am working on and not feeling like I don’t know what I am doing or why.

– Sian P

I added a bootcamp to my launch despite feeling very unsure about it and it’s converting like gangbusters.

– Anne B

I added a bootcamp to my launch despite feeling very unsure about it and it’s converting like gangbusters.

– Anne B

My win for last week is that I presented a proposal for my biggest ever client engagement. My biggest contract to date was $20,000, and last I presented one for $120,000! I did it with a straight face, as if I do this all the time. Here’s living from my Future Self! (P.S. client said that they need to finalise details, but see this as a 3 year contract – this would be an even bigger win than I went for.)

– Sophia M

I have really been able to manage my anxiety and stress by using the thought: “I don’t have to know the how, I just have to know that I have the resilience and determination to keep going until I get the what”. It’s a sentence that I can believe and has lifted significant weight from my shoulders. I’ve also been doing Monday hour 1 and Friday hour done and have gotten so much more accomplished as well as ensured time with my family.

– Emily E

I have been sitting with my urge to eat during the night and really listening to myself as to why I have the urge to eat despite no hunger and looking at why this decades old urge has reoccured. I have successfully not succumbed to the urges when I am deliberate in running models. Skip this step and so much harder to manage the urge!

– Jamie H

My January win was attending to 3 private coaching sessions and feeling a breakthrough in each topic that I presented.

– Yulivet P

I started my “one thing” goal for 2024. I am determined to get to a healthy weight and reach a state of optimal health. I’ve lost 10 pounds since January 3rd and I rarely need to take an antacid. I’m 66, and this is a HUGE start for me! Winner, winner chicken dinner, I don’t need to win this random entry, I am already winning! Thanks LCS!

– Terri C

I hosted my first PAID Yoga session in my basement. Huge for me because I always give away yoga because of my fear that people can’t afford it, even though I’ve invested thousands of dollars in my 500 hour yoga teacher training, yoga insurance, yoga alliance memberships, etc.

– Tamara P

My Win for January was that I went through and made a really detailed plan on how I will be completely debt free by June 2024. Anytime I want to buy something out of the ordinary I treat it as an urge and make a note of what it is and why I want to buy it. So I am not telling myself I can’t have it; it’s more of a pacing thing. I am so excited to be completely debt free in June and continuing to build up my cash!

– Radell P

I gave up on the rule that was living in my brain of – if I don’t go to the gym in the daytime or morning it doesn’t matter and won’t benefit my body. I don’t even know where I got it. I started going late at night, when it works for me and I LOVE IT. There’s no one there and it’s glorious!

– Brooke S

My win is that I’m able to get back on track with healthy eating after a birthday weekend with no mind drama!

– Fiona F

My win is starting up my business blog and finding other businesses who support me and they want their logo on my website!

– Jenn M

This month I have gone to the gym and did 2 miles on the elliptical for 1/2 hour 6 days a week. I have lost 30 pounds to date. I follow up it up by 30 minutes in the sauna at the gym. The best part? During my workout and sauna I can listen to Self Coaching Scholars and Coaching Calls by Brooke! Learning so much and feeling great.

– Maryann G

I am taking control of a relationship with a narcissist by taking the emotion out of a negative interaction.

I am working on taking control of thoughts. Choosing to decide.

– Kim K

My win this month is that I sorted through all my clothes and kept only those I enjoyed wearing. I got rid of the ones I kept for the wrong reasons and bought new ones that matched the person I wanted to be.

– Charlotte D

My win was completing a thought download everyday this week!

– Tia P

I came to Vail CO skiing. My goal was to ski a run and ride the ski lift back to the top. On Saturday I accomplished my goal.

– Dana D

I put together a flyer with my first ever service package offering for my new coaching program!

– Chenda L

Exercising and eating right on the daily and seeing results – the weight that I gained years ago after surgeries is finally starting to come off! More importantly, I’m consciously expanding my relationship with myself to more than just exercise and eating right. I’m giving myself time to enjoy the exploration of who I want to be in this beautiful world.

My first month was a beautiful journey. Thank you, The Life Coach team.

– Susan M

My win this month was that I FINALLY got woman-owned business certification with New York City. It took 10 months of work and follow-up from start to finish. Wow!

– Kirsten D

My win is signing a new client even though I am going through the 50/50 of life…and feeling all of the emotions.

– Joanne H

My win thi week is reaching out as a widow to ask for help in developing my profile for dating after 8+ years widowhood and 50+ years since I dated!

– Flo S

My win this week: Despite being called last minute to babysit my grandchildren because school was cancelled due to weather, I was committed to attending my private coaching call. I refused the invitation to my “pity party” and, instead, created a plan. An hour of sledding outside, followed by a yummy snack and screen time, gave me the 20 minute window I needed to attend my call. The extra bonus – my coach was delightful!

– Pam M

Win. Had a very difficult situation at work and a lot of feelings. My typical approach is to stay busy and ignore it, then eat. But I had coaching, was able to explore the fear that was coming up and am less resistant to the fear and less desire to buffer with food/shopping etc.

– Christal M

I didn’t bring down the house! And, I held up my end without fear.
Yesterday we had a family crisis. In a windstorm in California a giant pine tree fell on my sisters beloved house. As it happens, I found out about it earlier than my other siblings, and I called everyone. Normally, I indulge an anxiety and try to second-guess what my siblings might be thinking and whether or not I said, or did something that was less than perfectly sympathetic or useful. Instead, I took a breath, decided what I was going to do, and did it. I could see the imprint of my former fears, and I noticed them and kept on going. I’ve always taken pride and being present for my family, and lifting my fuss and worry deepened it.

– Caryn B

This month I agreed to serve as a facilitator for a Wellness group at work, and to give a presentation to over 50 colleagues

– Erin H

My little win is that I followed through on not missing one coaching group call or private coaching call. Thank you Brooke for showing up BIG for us.

– Fina P

I secured an appointment with a book publisher. My book is 2/3rds written

– Sue P