10 new clients

My goal is to create 10 new clients in 2 weeks.
My husband pays all of our bills and we’ve acquired additional bills between tuition and other expenses which are about $40k. I want to contribute financially to these bills. Every year I tell him I’m going to bring in X$ amount and every year I don’t.
I’m tired of feeling like I get so close then I fail to get the amount or spend it on things I think I need for my business.
This was tonight’s model.
C Hubs said “I can’t depend on anyone else to help pay the bills” and “ you keep saying you’ll bring more in and you never do” and “you might want to think about getting a job”
T I’m trying and WTF is wrong w/ me why can’t I do this!
F Frustrated and pissed off
A I shut down from talking to him. I’m angry. I cry. I have great workouts bc I’m so pissed off. I try to put on a “brave face” for kids that heard this conversation. I make a list of new ideas to try – mostly thinking I need to be everywhere on every social media and post every 5 seconds of the day. I want to prove him (& myself) wrong.
R I can’t do this

I need help. I’ve been working on my beliefs… needless to say you’ll be hearing a lot from me until I create those 10 new clients. Thank you.