WOrk rest cycle

I’m finding myself curious about work rest cycles. And how in Monday Hour 1 there is a principle of logging rest time in first.

That is a novel concept for me, and it is foreign- and almost anxiety producing.

But I believe intellectually in the concept, and would like to bridge to a better feeling thought.

C – work rest
T – booking rest first is novel
F – sort of anxiety producing
A – shutdown
R – no rest is booked or downtime isn’t really downtime.

IM – I started with R
C – work-rest
T – let’s try booking rest first no matter what I feel
F – curious
A – pull out the calendar and book rest first and also get super clear on the activities I do for focus time.
R – rested, rejuvenated, clear, and can relax without getting distracted or thinking about work. When I work I work.

This one is fun, I’m seeing a future here. Thank you for your feedback.