6-point outline?

I’m doing Brooke’s entrepreneur class presently, and am not understanding the 6-point outline for the solution. I have a product-based business, where I sell one-of-kind-art pieces, and I’ve come up with 6 points around my product that would help others understand their value (I already did the target market and what their “problem” is that needs solving) and the solution is my product, and the benefit/value that it will bring. My mind will not wrap around this 6-point outline, and I’m wondering if you can give me some examples for somebody who has product based business. For instance, I thought of 1) understanding the story of the product (made by rural artists in a distant country), 2) value of handmade (wool, not synthetic, cost more, etc). Is this the right idea? And if it is, I was trying to hone in on what to do for that-ie research/write amazing product descriptions, and/or make videos/podcasts about the people/region where it comes from…is this how I create value? I mean, I think I know this is value, but wondering if I am understanding this. It’s really confusing for a product-based business to follow this advice for coaching business, though I do think in some ways, it’s all the same…just requires some deep thinking.