Narrowing my niche

As I have understood thanks to you, narrowing my niche is crucial for my future business. I am aware of that but I haven’t found it yet. You would probably not give me the solution, receiving advice from you will be a good start. I give you some details about me and what I want to offer. I have a master in Psychological Science and certifications in sciences of happiness. I’m an happy person willing to help others (preferably woman) to feel better in order to live a purpose life, achieving goals, to help them change their mind, manage their emotions,… I know it’s too general. I will start with face to face coaching. I live in a small city in Belgium so narrowing my niche to very specific people is more complicated (I know, it’s in my head but…). I can coach through calls instead… “You want to feel better in order to achieve your biggest dreams, yes it’s possible and I’m going to help you!”… too general… If you can give me advise it will just be magnificent!
Many thanks for your time! I’m fortunate to have discovered this site. I have spent my last 3 weeks with Brooke and I have to say that it was such a pleasure and a huge help!
Kind regards