Being asked on interviews, don’t have a set product

Ok so oddly enough I keep meeting people who have internet shows and podcasts and they ask me to be a guest based mostly on my metaphysical knowledge. The thing is, I don’t have a complete business or a set business offering. I have been trained as a coach and have 27 years of psychic related experience. I have a basic site with two types of readings and a coaching option, but I think maybe it’s all wrong since when I do these interviews and give my site, even though hundreds of people are listening, I haven’t gotten a single booking, not even for a free session. Also, despite my experience I feel kind of weird about calling myself a “psychic” because I feel people are expecting something different than what I am. I’m kind of tough love and avoid phrases like “soulmates” and “divine purpose” because, yuck. I’m not sure how to find my people who appreciate this, so far it’s not been on the shows and magazine articles I’ve written.