Between Two Niches

Hello, I am at the very beginning of building myself up to be a life coach and am torn between two niches. I started with one niche idea and wrote a business plan towards it targeting older parents (ages 35-45) of young children (ages 2-7) with time management issues. I’m a parent in this age group and can relate to how our children’s needs can suddenly usurp any to-do list or goals we have. I want to offer parents ways of how to deal with constant and unexpected change, solutions on how to still be able to set goals and make time for self-care, guilt-free. On the other side of this is the fact that a few years ago I was diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis exacerbated by a degenerative hip impingement which caused me a lot of pain. I could hardly walk or even sit without pain. It caused me deep depression but I got through it and am now the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. Recently a family member confided in me how her arthritis was making her miserable and so I “coached” her a little and it felt good to help someone through their pain. Then someone randomly off the street began talking to me about their pain issues and again, I shared my insight and they walked away smiling – and THAT felt good too. Now I’m home staring at my computer screen trying to blog on parenting and time management but my thoughts (or the universe) are telling me to switch gears. I feel I can help others (age group 35+) through their hip arthritis pain management and confidence issues – because that’s what I dealt with, but that wasn’t my original plan. Do you see one niche better over another? Is either niche narrow enough? Is my brain trying to sabotage my efforts?
C- have two niches
T- If I choose one I’ll think about the other
F- regret
A-under-deliver on my plan
R- not be happy with what I picked

Yikes, please help me pick one.