Bridge or Ladder Thoughts to help believe a new thought

Hello! I’m brand new to Scholars and very excited to be here.

I joined on the heels of trying out the Model as Brooke explained it in the “Before and After” video. I love the picture of my “After” Model, but am not yet ready to believe the new thought. The diagram in the exercise shows two stick figures with Before and After models and between them are 5 numbered boxes which I’m guessing correspond to those five new thoughts on the way to the more preferred “after” thought?

I’d be grateful if you could help me fill in those steps or even point me to where I could learn to do so. Thank you!
Here’s my Before model (and just for context: I teach music lessons – harp, singing, piano).

C – Students often late, reschedule at last minute
T – I’ll lose students if I enforce my policies
F – discouraged, angry, stuck
A – putting up with it and doing a lot of rescheduling/emailing
R – patchy income, schedule chaos, wasted time

My After model:
C – Students often late, reschedule at last minute
T – I can create and enforce policies that support me AND keep and attract great students
F – empowered, happy, clear, nourished, excited
A – I give a new set of policies to new and continuing students and I enforce them kindly but firmly
R – predictable income, schedule clarity/ease, more free time

I’d really love to believe this new thought because I think so much good would come of it. Specifically, I’d end the sort of slippy-slidey scheduling chaos that puts a limit on my income (lost income when people don’t show up) and takes time away from my teaching and creating, which is my favorite part! Thanks again for your help.