Business Partner

I work with my husband in my business. For a solid year and 2 months after quitting his job to help me, he was buffering like crazy, addicted to reading religious discussions online, and addicted to porn.

His lack of action and, of course, my response to him doing very little to help me nearly lost me my business. I was beyond at my wits end trying to keep everything afloat on my own. Overwhelm, betrayal, disappointment galore. And I know my response was probably only making his tendency to buffer even worse. And the way I was reacting made the business hang by a thread even more as I, too, could barely show up in my business at all.

He now helps more and does help with a lot of things. But there’s still also gobs of buffering going on. I keep finding myself slipping into a really negative spot when I feel that he’s not pulling his weight. And it’s like the rage I created in me that first year comes back and I want to blame him for things not getting done in a faster manner.

Of course I know my thoughts about this are the real problem. Do you have some new thought ideas for me?