Business Partnership Causing Stress

Hello! I recently started working together with a gym to help them with their nutrition program. The gym owner and I split the sales 50/50. However, when it comes to marketing and advertising this program, I noticed that the gym owner does not advertise the program anywhere in her social media or their private gym Facebook group. She doesn’t talk about it, and yet she keeps telling me she wants to start the online nutrition program this week. It frustrates me that she keeps saying she wants to start it, and yet doesn’t advertise it, and doesn’t really follow through on what she says we’ll do (this past weekend, she said we would do a live stream about it but she didn’t follow up with me on this). I want to have a good attitude about this, but this really frustrates me… especially because I’m working on the program as more of a nutrition coach consultation… but when I see that the gym owner isn’t marketing the program, no one knows about it, and no one wants to join, and I just feel like my time is being wasted on this program! Would love some help on how to approach this.