Career transition checklist

C: Task to create a career transition checklist for my website and funnel
T: This isn’t going to work
F: Paralyzed
A: No action, buffer with consumption of information, take no massive action. Don’t schedule time, don’t set myself up for success
R: It has no chance to work

Okay. So, I want to get this transition checklist up and submitted tomorrow. The top three feelings I’d need to feel to do it are: 1. Committed 2. Motivated and 3. willing

C: Career transition checklist
T: People need this checklist – they are waiting for it
F: Motivated
A: Create a checklist with past and future clients in mind, schedule time on calendar, and bang it out in two hours
R: I have a chance at getting the checklist to people who are waiting for it

C: Career transition checklist
T: This doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be hard: B- work is just fine here
F: Willing to start
A: I prepare my bookbag, charge my laptop, and get ready to do this first thing tomorrow morning. I schedule it at 10:00am.
R: Some amazing B- work gets completed

C: Career transition checklist
T: I am committed to becoming a person who follows through on business tasks no matter how I feel
F: Committed
A: I set my alarm, have my clothes laid out and ready, I know where I’m going (decisions ahead of time), I prepare for the fact that it might be frustrating to do this at a coffee shop but it’s the best option I have right now. I am prepared to complete the task even if the coffee shop is annoying. I talk to my future self about how she handles it – she is gentle and perseveres no matter what, and doesn’t spend time “powering through” or hustling hard. She anticipates obstacles and goes forward anyway. I pack my bookbag and am ready to go in the morning with no decisions to make.
R: I take the steps to become a person who is committed to massive action

That’s what I’ve got.

Open to feedback.