Shifting from rejection to self-acceptance

Unintentional model:

C: No responses or interactions on social media within 60 minutes
T: Nobody likes you or likes what you do because you are so self centered
F: Rejected, hurt, shame, resist, self doubt
A: Procrastinate, look at metrics, seek validation, go on dating apps, eat, buffer with reading
R: Self reject (pre-reject) and behave self centered

Intentional model about model above:

C: Unintentional model
T: Of course you think, feel and behave that way. I get it and its okay. You don’t feel/think you are safe and it’s not your fault. Your light is God’s light.
F: Relief, compassion, understood
A: Allow hurt and shift focus to working and supporting my WHY
R: Embrace my suffering with love and show up with love in work

Feedback appreciated in doing it this way. I know I could choose another thought, but my brain love holding on to it. Help!