Changing the format of my group calls

I have a group coaching program, and one of the elements is group coaching calls. They used to be an opportunity for people to ask me questions, but then, over the years, they changed. I would answer the question, but other members wanted to share their experiences or advice too. But that was sometimes undermining for me because they would contradict what I had said. The calls became longer over the years to 2 hours and I found navigating the personalities hard. I wasn’t enjoying them any more.

So I changed the format of the group calls. They used to be on zoom where everyone could see each other. Now they can’t see each other anymore, they can just see me.

Rather than one long call we are having two 1-hour calls, and now there are other ways for the group to connect with other members. (Like a FB group.)

We had the first group yesterday, and I liked it.

More people showed up because they knew it would last just 1 hour.

More people asked questions in writing that I could answer, and 2 people came on for coaching.

But there were lots of comments in the chat that they didn’t like not seeing each other.

and they found it was harder to concentrate that their minds were wandering.

I have taken this feedback personally, and am seeing at a criticism. I like to create an environment that people enjoy.

But, I can’t go back to how the calls were before because I was getting criticized then too. (For letting someone talk too long, or that they found it hard to sit for 2 hours.)

I want to feel good in my decision, and be ok not pleasing people.

Thank you!