Do I need a business coach to reach my goals?

My business growth is going well, but I feel like it could be better/faster.

As I follow a lot of online marketing experts to get free information, ideas and strategies through their launch resources and podcasts, I of course hear about all the success stories. I end up feeling like I need to join a coaching/training program in order to reach my goals. I have three different ways of thinking that come up at different times around this:

1) I am doing well already on my own and am just having the natural doubt that I could reach my goals without spending big $$ on a program simply because we don’t really hear about people who’ve done exactly that. We mostly hear of success stories from the coach/trainer, not so much from people who’ve done it by themselves. So I need to just ‘believe’ this is possible without the evidence.

2) I am resisting spending and doing a program as I’m worried that I won’t get the results I want? (Interesting as this is opposite of the thought that it’s a program that will get me the results!)

3) I am resisting joining because I have an underlying fear of success? I am used to grinding and hustling my way to success on my own and small incremental steps feel more ‘comfortable’. I do worry about what will come along with that success – whether I can uplevel myself to match.

I’m a little stuck on figuring out which of these are my ‘true’ beliefs or which way will best serve me. Perhaps it is just a case of ‘pick one’ and go all in? There is no ‘right’ way. Any help to unpick this a little more would be great.