Clear Messaging

I’m currently redesigning my offer and the way I sell it to attract more “soul clients”, who are aligned with who I am, and want what I offer.
But, as a general life coach*, I struggle to articulate how I help people “specifically” so that my offer can be compelling. I help my clients with everything from improving relationships, their self-concept and self-love, emotional management, dealing with grief, making decisions, procrastination, and of course becoming aware of their thoughts and the impact it has in all areas of their lives. It s the same on social media, I post about many different topics, under the umbrella of mindset and habits. I do get engagement, people are watching, but I’m not sure whether it speaks to a specific type of person. My clients all have different profiles with some commonalities. I try to know my ideal audience to address their problems and desires. But if I’m not sure of the message I’m communicating at the beginning, isn’t it taking the problem the wrong way?

I’m thinking of getting help from a specialist in brand messaging to get to the bottom of it all, to finally move forward and create a messaging that resonates deeply with who I am and speaks to my ideal clients.

Here are my 3 models:

C: My messaging (my offer – and my future posts, emails, etc)
T- I help people with so many things, how do I explain what I do, and therefore the results my clients get, in a clear, concise, and compelling way in my marketing?
F- frustrated. Overwhelmed
A- I write, then rewrite, then rephrase, then write again…
R- No clarity. I’m not getting anywhere. I go back to my T line.
C- My messaging
T- I came up with a lot of formulations to describe how I help people and the results they get. What criteria should I consider when choosing what to keep and what to throw away?
F- Confused. Annoyed.
A- I’m thinking of asking for help from a brand messaging specialist
R- Still confused, I don’t know if it’s the right thing to work with this person, or if I can do it on my own. Not moving forward.
C- My messaging
T- I have so much to share, so many qualities, skills, and unique gifts that serve my clients so well, but I struggle to effectively communicate the depth and the power of working with me to the world.
F- Discouraged. Stuck.
A- I don’t transcribe the extent of my gifts to help more people.
R- I have no clear offer and messaging. I don’t attract more qualified leads. I have no consults at the moment.

*PS: I work with Stacey B and her perspective on general life coaching is that it’s a niche in itself already. She recommends not to niche down in the early stages of your business because you haven’t created enough clients to know what topics you are most proficient in.

Thanks a lot for your help!