Client not contacting me back – Unintentional Model and Intentional Model

Hi – I’m a new scholar. Would you help me see if I’m doing my models correctly?

One of my new full-price clients was ready to book me during our consultation meeting. So I sent her my contract and invoice, but now she hasn’t signed them back, even after I’ve reached out to her and left messages. My immediate thought is that she’s second-guessing my prices and my value, and I’m feeling rejected. Now I have the urge to buffer the feelings of rejection by being on social media and with food.

Instead, I did a thought download and created two models: an unintentional model and an intentional model.

C: contract not signed and invoice not paid
T: Client changed her mind because I’m new and she doesn’t think I’m worth the price I’m asking
F: Rejection
A: Start doubting my prices and my value, lose confidence in myself, buffer with social media & food so I don’t feel the pain, possibly lower my prices
R: My business growth stalls

Now, I tried an Intentional Model:
C: Contract not signed and invoice not paid
T: I wonder if she forgot how much value this would bring to her business?
F: Confident
A: Call her one final time to see if she has questions, do not buffer with social media/food, maintain steady confidence in my pricing and value I bring to my clients
R: I continue to grow my business with confidence, no matter what this client decides to do about the session.

Look right to you? My first instinct is to buffer my feelings, so I’m really trying to figure out my thoughts and not ignore them.

Thanks for your help!