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My goal is to get one more client by April 27.

My thoughts are:
No one wants to sign up.
I’m not making enough offers.
People are accepting the offers I’m making.
I don’t know how to sell.
Maybe I should change my price.
Maybe I should word my niche differently.

C- +1 client by April 27 goal
T- People aren’t accepting the offers I’m making
F- Self pity
A- Not making more offers
R- People can’t accept offers since I stopped making them

I’m trying to think of a ladder thought between “people aren’t accepting the offers I’m making” and “I’m for sure signing another client this month”. I’m considering “I have 2 clients now and where’s there’s 2 there’s 3”, but I don’t really believe it. I don’t get why I can’t believe something emotionally that seems true logically.

Also, is it possible to still take massive action from unhelpful thoughts? I know massive action is the answer to get another client but feel so demotivated right now.

Please help.