Comparing my work experience to others

I have probably spent 4-5 hours the last few days comparing myself to others.

I compare my work experience to those of others and feel horrible about my past. My thoughts are along the lines of “I should have done more”, “I should have been more active and gathered experience”, “I will not be able to make a career with that past.”

My current state of mind heavily affects my private as well as professional life. I feel stuck, helpless (since I can’t change my past), and worthless. It is especially difficult since my thoughts are around facts and I struggle thinking differently about my past.

I am aware that these are just thoughts about a circumstance, but in this case, I struggle to change these thoughts. I obviously also prove myself right in my current job by not progressing my career etc.

I know there is a workbook around changing my past, which I have completed already.

Could you support me with some tips?

Thanks so much!