Concern re backing off of revenue goals in favor of completing book

My impossible goal for 2020 is to have 10,000 people have read my book, which doesn’t exist yet. A draft of the book from 18 months ago exists. It had a fatal flaw in the content. I have now sorted those issues out through workshops on the same topic, and am confident I can rewrite it. But to achieve the impossible goal, I’d need to finish the next draft by the end of Q1, which is extremely challenging.

As I am looking at it, to make the space for the “massive action” on the book, it seems I need to cancel some other work I was planning, and also pull back from marketing other work. In other words, stop focusing on revenue generators for the quarter.

Part of me is fine with that, and part of me is frustrated. I have been working on the transition from solopreneur to entrepreneur, which has taken a total change in mindset. I am finally taking schedules and budgets and growing a team seriously. But actually getting the book drafted in Q1 will definitely set this back. And, though I do think completing the book is the best thing I could do for the business in the long run, it is also the most meaningful, most “fun” work for me. It feels like a retreat from other business goals.

I guess I’m worried that this is self-sabotage, or that I’m looking at this with blinders. To give the “impossible goal” its best shot, it seems I need to back off revenue generators.

I’d be interested to hear cautions. Am I misunderstanding something here about “massive action” to the impossible goal?