cousin consult NS

Hi there! I need help!

I have a cousin reach out from Russia, he says he needs help with relationships.

I am not sure what to do around charging him. I have already wrapped up doing my free 10 clients (even though some of them stopped early). I hear Stacey’s voice in my head “NOOOOOOOOO” because then I will never make money if I keep giving it out for free.

In Russian culture it is expected relatives hook up relatives for free. I am in Canada and I am not fully believing in that any more.

So for me to have to charge him I have to

C: Offer to help for $
T: Paying for help will serve him
F: certain
A: offer to help for $
R: help him by coaching him on that decision

I guess the competing belief I have that may come and interrupt that model, is that I could coach him for free because it’s family.

SO I have to like my reason for coaching him for money.


I am okay if he is upset that I want to charge him.

What I am worried about is coaching him on wanting it for free.

I guess what I have learned from coaching people for free is that there is nothing on the line for them and they are not committed to getting their result for themselves.

So I can just say that to him as I believe that.

Paying will serve him because he has something to lose if he doesn’t get the result.

ok, hit me. what am I missing?