Doubting my value, and trying to please everybody

I’m launching a new program next week, which involves small prompts to daily action for small business owners. It’s a big class and it’s already sold out and there’s tons of enthusiasm from my community, but as I arrange and schedule the prompts I’m repeatedly coming up against fears of “what if people hate it?”. It’s making me re-evaluate every tiny thing, and I recognise I’m now in danger of trying so hard to please everybody that I end up pleasing nobody at all.

I’ve had occasional (and normal, I think!) experiences of unhappy customers on my other programs in the past, and at times really struggled to manage my thoughts and feelings about what that meant. Nobody ever talks about unhappy customers, and when it happens to me I default to a lot of old feelings of shame, unworthiness and of feeling like a fraud.

I’m trying to go forward proactively, knowing that a few unhappy customers are inevitable when selling large programs and that I’m going to have to work through these thoughts and feelings. How can I reconnect with the value I offer to my audience, and stay tuned into that as I deliver this program? Should I be taking feedback from unhappy customers on board and changing my offer, or staying true to my vision and my ‘right people’s needs?
Any help or perspective would be much appreciated!