Dream Busted

I own a multiple 6- figure business. My goal is a multiple 8-figure business. I recently joined an online challenge and was able to ask a question to the host of the challenge who makes high 8- figures. I told him about my business and he basically said my business- my niche- who I serve, will not get me there.

Situation: the words from the coach
Thought: I need a new business
Feeling: Deflated
Action: panic asking myself what my next business would look like, not wanting to work on my current business, not taking action to move the needle in my current business
Result: I am basically not having any business?

I’m wondering how to move forward. I am coachable and understand what this coach told me, and I see his point. How do I pivot or switch and how do I even begin to think about what else to do as my current business has been my focus for so long?