Economic Responsibility

I have a dream to start my own business. I’m working to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and identified an opportunity area. Currently, I believe that a “good job” is responsible for my economic security rather than myself. This belief results in me scanning through job postings rather than focusing on the business I truly want to create.

I also believe, like Brooke says in the “Brain Management” lesson of the “How To Be An Entrepreneur” course, that it’s possible, instead of looking to a job, to learn to look to ourselves as the producers of economic security (in this case through creating a business that produces the value that’s irresistible to the customer and therefore profitable). This is the belief I want to double down on.

Can you direct me to more podcast episodes, readings, or teachings that support growth in the area of taking “economic responsibility,” possibly that speak to shifts from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset? Repetition of these concepts would be super helpful for me. Thank you!