Fear And Doubt

I realize these last few weeks I’m riddled in fear and doubt and I can’t seem to settle my brain into even posting content I was every day because I’m indulging in confusion with niche. I had a few free clients not even start without a word to me saying they didn’t want to do it. I didn’t ask them, they volunteered when they saw a post for a free program and applied and said they were a 10 on commitment. I’ve sent another email just in case they missed the other one to schedule their time and I didn’t hear.  I get I’m gonna get this and move on … but now I’m thinking of semi changing or approaching my niche. Oddly another coach I am working with thinks it’s actually more perfect for me to do the “new” niche. She thinks it’s me! She thought of it and mentioned it to me and I said yes I actually thought of it after I thought of doing it after I submitted my original niche, but I thought my brain was just trying to avoid or choosing the drama and just to listen to the program and go all in on it. So I was and did but last few weeks I feel like I have no idea who my niche really is and maybe that is the problem. So I’m thinking maybe I should change it slightly. I really don’t like my original one as it states.  Well now it’s time to do the value video and I feel like I have no idea how or what to do it.

On a side note: Do I process these emotions?? Meaning so I just sit with feeling these indulgent emotions. Any negative emotion I tend to feel is indulgent and victimhood. I see a lot of emotional childhood in my thinking lately or even when I catch myself just complaining (to my bff in texts about life in general). Then I won’t write it to someone because this is not who I want to be but I see I am.