fear of rejection

C working on an offer for my biz
T they’re not gonna want this
F discouraged
A I feel bummed even in the creating. I stall. I don’t muster any excitement in pitching. I drag my feet and keep postponing.
R I’m creating a situation I don’t want. I don’t want to be working on my own offer.

As I sat with this, I realized that it’s actually a fear of rejection.
The model would then be:
C working on an offer for my biz
T they might say no/reject me
F fear
A I feel like I was punched in the gut. I frantically look for anything to make this feeling go away. I want to hide and curl up in a ball.
R I’m rejecting my own offer by not working on it.

I can see what this creates and how this is keeping me from showing up the way I want. I’m confident I can and will move forward anyway and not indulge in the desire to hide, but I really believe in Law of Attraction and I don’t think I can attract any clients when I’m still feeling this way, even when I do make the offer (and I will).

How can I get my thoughts to be more in alignment so I can feel better about offering regardless of the result?
I was really excited about my offer myself, but I’ve been spinning long enough that I find it hard to access the belief in the value I’m offering.

I’d really appreciate any insights on this.