Should I stay or should I go (2)

Thank you for your insights on my previous question on the topic.

I understand I need to change my perspective / thoughts about my current workplace.

However, how do I get around the fact that I have not had a raise in the five years that I have been there and that younger people have since been promoted to the level I am at but have a higher salary (and I am talking about USD 3000 more a month…) I find this unfair and that I am not being recognized at the same value as the others. Moreover, I feel like I will never be able to get to the next level (owner) as the current owners have a negative assessment of my prospects (I was told that if I apply now I would not be accepted). All this makes me think I am wasting my time in this company and I should rather make a move, in spite of the fact that this would not be from a place of power.

Any advice?