Feedback on my impossible goal

This is my first time writing out an impossible goal and I wanted some feedback. Part of me wonders if I’m trying to do too much because there’s an incredible amount of learning and trial and error I have to do to reach my goal. But part of me also feels like it could be doable if I use my time well.

In summary, I’m positioning myself as a content strategist, establishing my credibility as a digital marketer, learning copywriting, and growing my subscriber base for my blog, all of which is new to me.

Here’s my goal:

By December 31, 2020, I took home after taxes $100,000 in my business. I’m a content strategist specializing in digital marketing. I create a content strategy for businesses that grows their traffic and boosts their sales. My niche is personal finance software as a service (SAAS) companies. As part of my strategy, I write email, social media, sales page and web copy.

I’m also a digitial marketing expert and write digital marketing articles for $0.25/word for well-known sites, further increasing my credibility.

Clients find me online through my digital marketing articles and website blog about freelance writing. I also market using FB funnels and by attending conferences my clients would attend.

I create my clients, and all of them value my services and are happy to pay what I charge because I overdeliver on the results. I consult with clients every day while I grow my business and then 1-2 clients per week when my schedule is full.

This year, I also grow my subscriber base for my blog to 2,000k subscribers and complete Units 1-4 of the blogging course I bought so that next year I can launch my own products for freelance writers.