Feeling stuck in anticipation

I am a full time mom, who is interested in starting a life coaching business. I am getting certified this march, and am excited to begin. However, waiting for the course has me feeling a bit sluggish and inactive when it comes to my business. How can I get motivated about my business when it seems so far away…

the model I put together is

C- enrolled for certification this march
T- I cant start doing things for my business till the course is over
F- sluggish/unmotivated
A- not learning new materials that could potentially benefit my business
R- no progress for my business

Intentional Model-

C- Waiting for march certification
T- If I do this work now, my later self will thank me and will only have to add elements learned from certification, there is still a ton to do post certification (build course etc)
F- motivated
A- work on content regularly (sequences, blog posts, etc, outline of the website)
R- content for my site exists

also- are my models correct?