Filling Seats for an event

I have a live even coming up in April. This is my 4th year. I hold one live event of my niche each year. My niche is small.
In the past I have filled the room as follows:
Year 1 – 9
Year 2 – 16
Year 3- 23
This is Year 4 ( 19 so far )

My goal this year is 50
I have been taking action that has worked in the past and have taken action in ways that I have been afraid to do before. and currently not feeling happy about the current results – when i allow my thoughts to spin – they can act that raving a lunatic – so Ive been working on my thoughts ( this is the hard work – am i right? )

So I decided to work it through a model:

C 19 people registered
T Im never gonna fill 50 at this point
F Awful and defeated
A Take action anyway ( with an off and on belief of – T Im never gonna fill 50 at this point )
Take action that Im familiar with
Then mind begins to spin
Then waste shit ton of time
R Failing ahead of time ( dont fill 50 seats )

More intentional model:

C 19 people registered
T There’s lots of things I could do I havent done yet
F hopeful
A make a list of 50 things i can DO
Schedule each action item on my cal over next 2-3 weeks
Commit to taking all the actions
R I should be able to fill more seats
I take action with a NEW thought line

I also ran another version of the model:

C – registrations
T no one wants to come ( obviously this is not true – 19 people have registered )
F ( Im not good enough ) – feels like sad and deflated
A Continue to feel like shit
Swirl in confusion
take actions im most comfortable with
fight my own thoughts daily
R not learning how to solve for the problem
not expanding my ability as a entrepreneur
stay stuck where I am

Q – I would love insights on my models

I also tried to flip the model and put desired outcome/ goal of 50 seats in the R line and I froze

I wrote R Sell 50 seats this year ( I dont believe it’s going to happen )

This bounces me right back to the above models…

Im still taking action – and I know its my thoughts that are creating the outcomes even if i am taking action – so where can i best create better thoughts – ( again – this is the hard work – )

TY ( ANd of course if you any practical information that is a bets practice around filling a live event – im all ears )