Follow up about : I cannot live yet from the money i earn with my coaching.

Thank you so much for your answer, it is much more clear now how to do my models.

I would like a precision :

You said : “Notice that “I cannot live yet from the money I earn from my coaching biz” cannot go in the C line. You are, in fact, living so it’s just your opinion that you aren’t making enough money to pay bills and purchase items in the way that you think you should be able to. ” : I cannot pay my rent and other bills from my coaching and I am paying it from my savings. I understand that the C has to be a fact, so something that everyone on earth should agree with. i think everyone seeing how much i earned last month and how much is my rent and bills would agree that i cannot live yet because i earned much less than what I have to pay. ( meaning paying from a roof and food) from my coaching business. I am a bit confused with this now?

The rest is super clear now so thank you very much!