New thoughts for a sad business coach

I am a business coach and I am currently launching my group program. I had one person sign up, then ask for a refund before the program began. She didn’t say why, I tried to coach her and she wouldn’t open up, so I just gave up and gave her money back. I then saw her join my friend’s coaching program a few days later, after she canceled mine. I then had another person reach out and verbally commit to the price and she said she was very excited. I sent her the payment information and now she is ignoring my follow up messages.

My thoughts are “I want to give up” “What type of business coach can’t even sign clients in her own business”
I feel like a fraud because I can’t even sign people up in my own program. I feel like this will never work.

I know these thoughts and feelings aren’t helpful so I’m trying to choose more neutral ones.

New thoughts “I’m not a failure”. “My ideal client is waiting for me” “I’ve helped so many women with their businesses – I’m not a fraud”. “I’ve signed 10 women up in my group programs before – I can do it again”.

It just feels so unnatural and I can’t help but look at my circumstances (the two experiences I mentioned above) and feel hurt by it. I’m not sure why. They don’t owe me anything but I feel anger and resentment that they didn’t hold up to their word. But I guess I have just manuals for them and that’s not fair.

UGH. Any words of support? How can I practice new thoughts? I am listening to episode #94 now.

Thank you coaches.