Follow up with client

One of my free clients from certification has been in touch to sign up for coaching. I was fully booked so put her on the waiting list. I now have a slot open and just as I was about to write to her, and she also reached out to ask where she was on the waiting list. I told her there was space and sent her the details of the program and offered a consult call to discuss any questions she may have.

She replied: this sounds amazing! I will book a call to discuss, but then she did not book. That was a month ago. I have thoughts about letting this go and moving on and am also tempted to follow up with her. My reason is I want certainty, but also trying to hone my sales skills.

I don‘t think anything has gone wrong. I am simply unsure about my onboarding process. My question is: what would be best for my business? If I answer my own question I would say: move on and focus on all the other people that need my help.