Friends Expecting Services for Free

I have always been the go to guy when my friends have something they need to work through. This never was an issue before as I was learning myself as an entrepreneur. But now I have been charging as a business coach and strategist/consultant for the past year, I am starting to feel like I am offering my services for “free” and would love to have some context on how to navigate this as it must be a common issue.
I have trouble saying no – in part because I feel that much of my business depends on preserving a “friendly” network. In addition, I know that I am a people pleaser and wished to be liked. Also, I don’t want everything to become about money, I know that my friends are valuable to me in other ways as well. But I don’t know where to draw the line – how do I yes, I can give you my opinion as this is something we’re talking about that is coming up in conversation vs – I know this request for a coffee meeting is just so that you can run our business plan by me, this is something I should be (could be? ) charging for.

thank you