Fully booked with clients and consults


I have recently had an “explosion” of interest in my coaching and I’m currently fully booked on clients AND have 25 consults in the coming 3 weeks. My concern right now is that my calendar is getting filled up with consults and there are not enough time options for my existing clients (a minor problem) and also that I’m not sure I like having people schedule consults a month in advance.

Since this is a brand new problem for me, my brain has not yet caught up to the problem-solving level I need hehe, so I’d love some insight. What could be the next step to simplify and automate my process?

Do I just try this out for a few weeks to test my theory that consults too far in advance will increase no-shows or that their interest in working with me will cool down during the waiting period? I don’t feel urgency or scarcity for my sake, but my concern is what will serve the client the most.

Do I offer them to pay and get on my waitlist without doing the consult at all and that way get them ready and committed in advance?

I’ve been focusing so much on getting consults, getting good at signing clients, and reaching my monthly goal that I never anticipated running into this “problem”, and therefore I haven’t studied Brooke’s advice on how to navigate it and what the next step is. My educated guess would be to start signing clients on a waitlist without doing consults. But I’d love feedback on things I might be missing in my thought process.