Fun business activities VS embracing the suck

I was listening to the most recent VIP call with Brooke saying “it has to be fun, or I’m not doing it.” I love this quote and agree. However, I am slightly confused because I’ve also heard things like “embrace the suck.” And I understand the importance of doing something even when we don’t FEEL like doing it. So I guess I’m wondering what the difference is and how to tell?

I remember when Brooke was on her mission to gain 5lbs of muscle and she talked about how she wasn’t changing her fitness routine even though others suggested it at times to make it more “fun.” And how part of it was doing it / keeping the commitment even if it’s the same mundane routine.

All that to say- I’m not sure how to go about my business goals for the remainder of the year then. There are certain things I thought about doing – fully knowing they won’t necessarily be “fun” but should follow through with doing anyway.

I must be not be understanding something about fun action versus embracing the suck. Can you help clarify so I can solidify my business goals for the rest of the year ?

Thanks !