Future Self Question

Hi! I have a question about the future self concept.

My future self is a woman who makes 100K in her business. She is a very successful coach and has a flow of clients and money coming her way, and never has to worry about getting new clients and finding ways to make more money. Money comes to her in an effortless manner and she knows she can easily make 25k every quarter in her business.

I’ve been trying to live as that woman (think as her, do the things she would do, etc.) but I keep getting stuck on the money part. The thing since my future self has no worries about money, she doesn’t worry about investing money and spending money everyday … but I can’t seem to do that myself. The fact is I don’t have that money coming in and I don’t have the flow of clients … so I wonder how the concept applies here? Should I be spending money without worrying about it … I’m confused. I know I won’t ever spend large sums of money … but I find myself making decisions even for little amounts of money. I keep wondering if I should spend it or not … and then I think about my future self, and she is telling me not to worry about money … but I can’t seem to believe her and spend the money.

Not sure if I am being clear… Hopefully yes! Thanks so much for your feedback!