Getting my business to gain traction

I have a phenomenal business model and way to provide value to so many people. I have helped clients over the past year to tremendous results in regards to uncovering adverse food reactions, losing weight, understanding their genetics, and converting from diet into lifestyle. I know my product works from working with clients, I believe very strongly in the capacity of my skills and the program itself.

My problem – The only clients I’ve had are people that I know here local in my small town, or a few people that have found me on a google search. I have spent around 15K on Facebook marketing; worked with Frank Kern for online marketing; tried so many things to gain traction with online marketing and lead generation; and I still to date have never booked a client from Facebook marketing.

I feel defeat and frustration from the thoughts of “this should be working” and “I just want to help people.”

I just keep putting myself out there. Seed campaigns, trying various copy/images, doing guest appearances on podcasts, calling churches to do a free seminar, calling doctors to get on a referral network, Instagram reels, Facebook posts, podcast. I’m just grunting and digging, and nothing is happening other than more and more debt from my efforts.

What am I doing wrong? How can I finally just help people?