growth for year end

I am highly motivated to figure out how to give myself an honest chance at making $250K before end of year in my business.

I feel like I am doing “all the things” to help myself get there (FB Ads, Lead Gen, Posting, outreach). However, sometimes I wonder what am I missing because I feel like people aren’t responding as much as I’d like.

I have a full list of actions I could take to try more things, but I also am fearing investing MORE when I’m already investing so much without the return.

What do you suggest I do to figure out how to grow that the rate I would like.

Current obstacles are:

1) some days I mig not get my 2 hours of outreach in
2) FB group is low engagement
3) don’t want to currently invest more when I’m already making some large investments to grow & want to follow through on those
4) I don’t have a solid guarantee I can use yet to make to grow interest in my offer
5) I spend the weekends with my BF/Family and I want to be an example of someone who does this AND makes $250K but it feels like I should work more to get to this goal