Discouraged about creating an online course

Hi coach here is what I could use some help with.

I have two courses on my mind for two different niches: one called “interrupt procrastination for anxious perfectionists” and the other one in “healing your emotional eating: ending the war with food and your body.” I don’t know which one I should start creating first. One complements the other and eventually I want to get both out in the world. My thoughts about each course are:

Course 1: a lot more people are interested in that, it is not on the niche I want to be in but it is in the one I am right now.
Course 2: I’ve tried to sell this before and I was not able to, but I love this topic.

Those are T’s and not facts. I can see I don’t believe I can sell these courses and this is why I am indulging in confusion. I don’t think people will buy. Let’s get this on a model:

C: creating a course
T: I don’t think people will buy
F: discouraged
A: don’t decide, start and stop, don’t create
R: I don’t sell myself on any of these courses let alone create them

Thank you for your help!