Having 2 offers …

I am a holistic health coach with a 14 day course and a 3 month signature program. Having 2 offers is complicating my consults and making it so one is signing up for either!

I know the issue is the way I am presenting the options to potential clients. When I only offered the 3 month program, I made a lot more money but turned a lot more people away (as in several people said the 3 month program was too expensive).

I have worked hard on both offers and believe they each have a place in my work.

But having 2 different things and trying to offer both on a consult really “muddies the water” and potential clients end up saying “just email me the info on both, and I’ll go over it and decide which one is right”, then we never reconnect (I know I just need to follow up – and I will when I come back to work fully from maternity leave).

I think I just need to decide offer only the 3 month program then offer the course as a “special” 2-3 time a year.

I keep talking about what I “need” to do…. What I WANT to do is work with people 1:1 in the 3 month program but have the online course as a mode of passive income. That was the original plan. But how/ when to offer each on consults has felt too complicated… like too many options to describe to someone and it has slowed my sales.